Cindi Jackson

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Can you read my manuscript for pronoun usage?

YES!! I take great pride in helping authors make their stories as unique as them and their audience.

Question: Can we meet in person?

I live on Vancouver Island and if you live on the Island, we can see about meeting up. We can chat on the phone or over Zoom/Discord, whatever makes sense and makes you comfortable. Many clients are only comfortable connecting over email, that's ok too!

Question: My book is my baby and how can I trust you will keep it confidential?

It's a brave thing to pass your writing to a stranger, but I promise to keep your story private and I do not discuss it with anyone without your permission. I am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement if required. Trust and confidentiality are most important in a client-editor relationship.

Question: What if I only want the first 10 pages or certain chapters edited? Can you do that?

Most definitely. My rate starts at $30 an hour and I can fit editing into whatever your budget allows. I do not skimp on my work, no matter how small or large a project is.

Question: I am on disability income or income assistance. Can I receive a discount?

I would love to help remove any barrier a writer might experience whether it be financial, physical, or other. Please contact me and we can discuss any individual concerns.