Cindi Jackson

editing services
Editing Services
Beta Reading

If you simply want fresh eyes to read your writing, I will provide a basic two to five page analysis regarding the opening scene, characterization, plot, conflict, pacing, setting, dialogue, and ending. Depending on the story, other topics such as world building, intimate scenes, and sensitivity may be included.

Manuscript Evaluations

This evaluation will delve deep into understanding your manuscript's areas of strength as well as areas that may need improvement. I will read the manuscript carefully then provide a general overview and chapter-by-chapter notes based on what I read and what you as the author are wanting to achieve. The report will typically consist of 10–15 pages. Areas identified will depend on story/genre expectations and could/may include:

  • setting

  • characters

  • character arc

  • tension

  • conflict

  • plot

  • pacing

  • dialogue

  • inclusivity

  • sensitivity

  • grammar

  • voice

  • audience appropriateness

  • continuity

Developmental Editing

Need help developing your story? Have you a saggy middle that needs some oomph? Perhaps you simply need a friendly, encouraging someone to go over sticking points or character development for an hour or two. I can make suggestions for a plan or outline, and even brainstorm to keep the words flowing. I will ask the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions integral to a well-developed manuscript based on genre and audience expectations. I love to dig into the meat and potatoes of a story as well as the elements that make it uniquely yours.

Developmental editing looks different for each client and is priced by the hour or a flat rate depending on the needs identified. We can work via email, phone, in-person, or Zoom/Discord.

Structural Editing

Structural editing is the big changes editing, where material can be reorganized, revised, added, deleted, and restructured to ensure the manuscript is flowing and reaching the intended audience. This organizational stage of editing is crucial to ensure a coherent structure. In other words, we will make your book read like a book.

Structural editing can be done directly on the manuscript with comments in Word or can be a written document outlining changes. It can be discussed together with notes made for your use when revising. Depending on project, I can suggest the best way to make sure you get the information and edits you deserve to make your story come to life. I can complete structural editing through email, phone, in-person, or via Zoom/Discord.

Editing fiction, memoir, or non-fiction writing can take many different approaches depending on budget, author's wishes, writing cleanliness, and time constraints.

Please contact me for a friendly conversation about your project. It's ok not to know where to start and I will never offer services you don't need. Consultations and editing examples are always free.

Services can be combined for a reduced-rate.

Line Editing

This edit combines stylistic and copy editing together to polish a manuscript or other writing.

Stylistic edits ensure clarity, coherence, and flow in both sentence and paragraph construction. These are the edits that will help make your writing stronger by identifying passive voice and overuse of sayings or crutch words. The intended audience will be taken into consideration for the appropriateness of the language presented and we can add, delete, and alter here to ensure the tone and mood engages the reader.

Copy editing will ensure correctness of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation. We want to ensure consistency throughout. Pages get pretty messy at this stage, but when it is all completed your writing will be submission worthy, professional-looking and oh, so sparkly.


Proofreading is the final polish any writing needs to ensure a clean and ready-to-publish project. A fresh set of eyes are needed to ensure all errors are caught as most writers have read over their material so often they overlook mistakes. I will scrutinize your writing to flag any remaining questions or inaccuracies and I can compare writing to provided style sheets to ensure adherence.

This service can be combined with Line Editing at a greatly reduced cost or as a stand-alone option.

Style Sheet Creation

Style sheets are a special rule package for your writing project. This document is essential for use at any stage of your process and is a fantastic and indispensable reference. It will include all the specific ways you want your manuscript or non-fiction project to look, whether it is a stand-alone or part of a series.

This document will list the proper spellings of characters, settings, items, or any non-standard choices you have made. Maybe you made up a language or are using jargon that needs to be kept as a reference. The sheet can include notes of character relationships. It can also list material references or websites you have used where you may need to look for more information. It will include the grammar style guide used for editing to ensure consistency. It will list the choices made for page layout and font. Authorial choices for such things as usage of italics might be explained here as well as other usage rules like no exclamation marks. You've made many, many decisions in writing your project and I will read your project and create a Style Sheet to keep it all in one place.

Website Editing/Proofreading

Websites need to be edited, too. A website is an invaluable tool that should read and look professional. Editing services including structural, line, and proofreading can be completed to ensure an error-free message and polished appearance. I can complete a single edit of your webpage or a routine maintenance each week/month depending on how much information you upload, for example.